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Sun Hing New Textiles Technology (longyan) Ltd belongs to Hong Kong Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited, which is located in the famous old revolutionary base area, Central Soviet Area, an important new economic growth pole and ecological livability in Fujian Province, and a new urban area adjacent to the sea -- Yinyan Xincheng, Yanshi Town, Xinluo District, Longyan City. It is a large textile printing and dyeing enterprise integrating knitting products weaving, printing, dyeing, research, development and production; The only Chinese enterprise in the global textile and clothing industry that has been rated as an environmental star by OEKO-TXE is also one of the top ten key enterprises in Fujian Province that will attract investment in 2020.


Sun Hing Industries Holding Limited, a large Hong Kong funded enterprise, was founded in 1968 in Hong Kong. In 1988, it established a 650000 square meter factory in Chinese Mainland in Guangming District, Shenzhen. It is a large textile group producing underwear, swimsuit fabrics, accessories, chemical fibers, wrapping lines and other diversified products. It has won the National High tech Enterprise, Shenzhen High tech Enterprise certification, and Shenzhen Green Enterprise title The First National Best Green Fabric Enterprise, the National Off campus Practice Base for College Students and other honorary certificates.


Follow the trend and make accurate decisions. In the face of new opportunities for the development of industrial Internet and flexible supply chain, the Group repositioned itself as the leader of fashion operators in the global textile and clothing industry in 2018, continued to adhere to technological innovation with the concept of "centennial sunhing", and made progress towards the new goal of world-class enterprises; At the same time, in order to coordinate with the land use planning of Shenzhen Municipal Government, the factory will be relocated to build a new development pattern and reshape a new competitive advantage. In 2019, the Group purchased about 600 mu of land in Yinyan Xincheng Ecological Textile Industrial Park. At the end of the same year, the Group started land preparation and industrial park infrastructure construction, with a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan, which was constructed in two phases. The first phase of the plant covers an area of about 340000 square meters, which took 21 months. With the strong support and policy guidance of provincial, urban and township government departments and leaders at all levels, we worked together to overcome difficulties and completed the first phase ahead of schedule. At the end of June 2022, the original factory covering 650000 square meters in Shenzhen will be moved to the new factory in Longyan and put into full production. The second phase of plant construction has been started in June 2022. It is estimated that the annual output of all kinds of textiles will be more than 50000 tons, and the annual output value will be about 3 billion yuan.


New factory buildings, new mechanisms and new vitality. Looking back on the past and more than 30 years of extraordinary times, we can look at the present and expand our vision through innovation. Longyan sunhing New Factory built by Seiko has a standardized production workshop with optimized configuration, the most advanced production equipment at home and abroad, and international leading textile printing and dyeing technology. The company's main products include: weft knitting products, warp knitting products, lace products, printing products, embroidery products, chemical fiber products, wrapping products and mold cup products.

Safe plant facilities, comfortable working environment and intelligent operating system greatly improve the work efficiency and ensure the reliability of product quality from the source. Quality is our unchanging commitment, and environmental protection is our unchanging responsibility. At present, the company's industry is accelerating its upgrading and entering the stage of diversified development. The company strengthened its competitive advantage, highly embedded resources and capabilities into the whole process of textile production, and entered a new field of rapid development, energy conservation and consumption reduction.


Be brave in taking responsibility and good at doing things. In the future development, the company will, as always, fully practice the value of shouldering social responsibility, creating profits and taxes for the country, providing the market and customers with first-class and advanced products in the spirit of responsibility and working state, and integrate the company into the trend of social development. In the process of enterprise development, the company will take "environmental protection pioneer", "technology innovator" as its own responsibility, and enter a new era of development with a new attitude, Create greater value for the society; The company will also, as always, attach importance to talents, always adhere to "people-oriented", pay attention to "using, cherishing and cherishing talents", pay close attention to employees' sense of gain, happiness and security, constantly expand the space for employees to grow into talents, and realize the value of employees is the consistent pursuit of sunhing.

Vast and boundless, sail but trade wind. Raise the sails of mutual benefit and win-win results, and stabilize the rudder of solidarity and cooperation. future! Let's use steadfastness as a guide to introduce a new atmosphere of growing prosperity; Compose music diligently to compose a new chapter of harmony and beauty; Let's join hands and start from a new starting point to create a new glory in Longyan, the beautiful red holy land of western Fujian.

At this moment, Sun Hing New Textiles Technology (longyan) Ltd is stepping into a brilliant era of new development with a New attitude with a good corporate culture foundation and rich heritage, valuable product Technology innovation and fine tradition, clear corporate goals and firm belief.

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