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Several common fibers in underwear fabrics

Editor: SunHing │ Date: Octber 18, 2023

The main function of underwear fabric is to reflect the main characteristics of underwear selection, style, performance, etc., making the wearer feel comfortable and beautiful. The fabric is woven from yarn and the yarn is composed of fibers. Therefore, the characteristics of the fabric are closely related to the fibers of the constituent fabric.

Fibers are divided into natural fibers and chemical fibers. Common natural fibers are cotton, hemp, wool, and silk, and chemical fibers are divided into recycled fibers and synthetic fibers. Recycled fibers include viscose fiber, copper ammonia fiber, acetate fiber, etc., and synthetic fibers include polyester, nylon, and spandex.

At present, the fabrics of underwear are made of cotton, silk, hemp, viscose, polyester, nylon and so on.

Cotton underwear fabric

The cotton fabric absorbs sweat, breathes, and is warm and comfortable to wear. It is easy to dye and print. It is suitable for girls' underwear and creates youthfulness. In recent years, manufacturers also like to blend cotton and various types of fibers. The addition of chemical fibers to cotton, especially for adjustable underwear, not only has a supporting effect, but also does not sultry. Today's ladies still prefer cotton underwear, which of course is because of the unique breathability and naturalness of the cotton itself, making the wearing experience different from other fabrics. In addition, from the aesthetic point of view, the printing effect of plain woven cotton cloth and the dyeing effect of knitted cotton cloth have a natural simplicity and youthful atmosphere, and are also inaccessible to other fabrics.

纯棉内衣面料Pure cotton fabric

Silk underwear fabric

Silk is known for its beautiful, light, soft and smooth, and it has long been loved by its unique charm. Silk has a good touch and texture, can not afford static electricity, and it also has a strong health care function, that is, moisture permeability. It has unique breathability and hygroscopicity, and can also regulate body temperature and regulate body humidity. There is no such thing as the fabric of the "second skin" of human beings. The only drawback is that it is not easy to clean. It must be gently washed or dry cleaned by hand. Velvet has the elegance and luxury that cotton does not have, and its natural smoothness is also lacking in Lycra.

真丝内衣Silk underwear

Hemp fiber underwear fabric

Hemp fiber is a general term for fibers obtained from various hemp plants. The texture of hemp fiber is relatively thick and easy to wrinkle, but it has the advantage that other fibers are difficult to compare: it has good function of moisture absorption and moisture absorption, heat conduction and heat conduction, cool and crisp, sweating is not close to body, light texture, strong and strong, insect proof Anti-mildew, low static electricity, fabric is not easy to be polluted, soft and generous, rough, suitable for excretion and secretion of human skin. Its UV-shielding and antibacterial functions are tested and certified by Chinese authorities. Therefore, hemp fiber becomes the ideal textile in summer, and underwear wearing hemp fiber in summer is a good choice. At the same time, after the dyeing of the hemp fiber, the color is very bright, and it has strong abrasion resistance and good elasticity.

Viscose underwear fabric

Viscose, alias ice silk, silk cotton, modal, cellulose fiber obtained by extracting and remolding fiber molecules from natural wood cellulose using "wood" as a raw material. The hygroscopicity of viscose fiber meets the physiological requirements of human skin, and has the characteristics of smooth and cool, breathable, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, beautiful color and good color fastness. It has the essence of cotton, the quality of silk, is an authentic plant fiber, which is derived from natural and superior to natural.

The advantage of viscose underwear fabric is softness, good water absorption, good hanging property and good comfort. The disadvantage is: after repeated washing, the hand feels hard; easy to pilling; strong but low to meet the requirements of wearing. Since viscose fiber is a natural regenerated cellulose fiber, it is green and environmentally friendly. In recent years, underwear made of viscose fiber has been widely loved.

莫代尔内衣面料Modal fiber

Polyester underwear fabric

Polyester is an important variety in synthetic fiber. It is durable, elastic, non-deformable, corrosion-resistant, insulating, stiff, easy to wash and dry. In fact, in the 1960s and 1970s, the most popular textiles in China's textile market were pure polyester or polyester blended with other fibers.

Polyester fabric is characterized by good elasticity, smoothness, high strength, stiffness and coolness. Polyester microfiber, which is hygroscopic and comfortable to wear, has also been used in underwear fabrics.

涤纶内衣面料Polyester men's underwear

Nylon underwear fabric

Nylon is a term for polyamide fibers that can be made into long or short staple fibers. The appearance of nylon has revolutionized the appearance of textiles. Its synthesis is a major breakthrough in the synthetic fiber industry and a very important milestone in polymer chemistry.

Nylon fiber is the raw material for a variety of man-made fibers. Nylon material is firm, elastic, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, easy to wash and dry; but poor moisture absorption, easy to yellow when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, most bra straps are used as materials.

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