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Simple distinction between various underwear fabric fibers

Editor: SunHing │ Date: November 15, 2023

There are two effective methods for identifying underwear fabrics when selecting underwear: sensory method and label recognition method.


Sensory method

Fiber name Feel characteristics
Cotton Slim and soft, small elasticity, easy to wrinkle.
Linen It feels rough and often has a flaw.
Silk It is shiny, soft and light, and it has a rustling sound when it is pinched. It has a cool feeling.
Wool It has elasticity, soft luster, warm hand and not wrinkle.
Polyester Good elasticity, smooth, strong, stiff and cool.
Polyamide Not easy to break, elastic, smooth, light texture, not as soft as silk.
Vinal Approximate cotton, the gloss is dark, not as soft as cotton, the rebound is not good, and it is easy to wrinkle.
Acrylic It has good warmth, high strength, lighter than cotton, and soft and fluffy.
Viscose fiber It is softer than cotton, and its surface gloss is stronger than cotton, but its fastness is not good.

Signage recognition


The limitations of the sensory method are coarser, and the application is not wide, and there is nothing to do with synthetic fibers and blended fabrics. For some reputable shopping malls or underwear brands, you can directly identify the underwear fabric components by identifying the identification plates. These signs can only be hung by the inspection of the textile quality inspection agency and have strong authority. Generally, there are two contents on the label, one is the fiber name, and the other is the fiber content (generally expressed as a percentage). Sometimes you will find that the name of the fiber on the sign is in English and it seems very laborious. The Chinese and English names of some common fibers are listed below.

Chinese name English name
腈纶 Acrylic
氨纶 Polyurethanes
羊毛 Wool
丙纶 Polypropylene
氯纶 Polyvinyl Chloride
粘胶 Rayon
铜氨纤维 Cuprammonuium(Cupro)
涤纶 Polyester
醋酸纤维 Acetate
锦纶 Polyamide
尼龙 Nylon
弹性纤维 Polythane(Elastean)
维纶 Vinal
人造丝 Nitrocellulose Silk
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