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Functional Aesthetics - Trends in Detail Crafting of Warm Underwear

Editor: SunHing | Date: September 12, 2023


This article mainly predicts the detailed technological trends in the functional aesthetics of thermal underwear, focusing on the semi open zipper details, as well as the techniques of hollowing out, seamless knitting, and boneless stitching. Combining with international brand fashion trends and design aesthetics knowledge, this article provides relevant inspiration on how thermal underwear can enhance functionality while maintaining its appearance for the next season and for a long period of time in the future.

Seamless knitting

Keywords: tissue texture / sweat regulation / body shaping

The seamless knitting technology has brought a more high-end transformation to thermal underwear. The changes in tissue texture not only meet the basic insulation needs, but also have sweat guiding and temperature regulating functions, as well as 3D vision and body shaping effects.

Hollowed out

Keywords: shoulder and neck hollowing out / chest hollowing out / decorative cutouts

The process of picking holes and hollowing out can add some air to warm underwear. Large areas of holes can be dug in the neck, shoulders, arms, chest, waist, and other areas, and dense picking holes can also form decorative patterns.

Half open zipper

Keywords: thermal adjustment / zipper design / light sports trend

Add a half open zipper design at the neckline for warmth adjustment. The zipper can be positioned, numbered, and colored according to the brand's tone, catering to the current trend of light sports.

Boneless suture

Keywords: functional zoning / streamline movement / engineering function

The boneless stitching process is more skin friendly, and the high elasticity stitching line that conforms to ergonomics has a degree of relaxation. The linear functional zoning has a more ergonomic sense of function, and the flowing lines can be used as decorative details for a sporty style.

Functional leggings

Keywords: yoga fitness / comfortable exercise / leg shaping

With the continuous heating up of outdoor activities, functional leggings have become a new favorite item, which is an extension of sports training pants such as yoga and fitness. They can be used as a warm inner layer for outdoor activities or worn externally to shape the legs.

Circular jacquard

Keywords: diverse stripes / transformed checks / geometric shapes

Jacquard can make thermal underwear more suitable for outdoor wear, using various arrangement techniques such as narrow and wide stripes, dynamic and static patterns, and horizontal and vertical patterns, as well as the transformation, collision, stacking and recombination of grid and geometric shapes, to enhance the design language.

Focus on the trend of detailed craftsmanship

The trend of warm underwear and warm bottoms that can be worn externally needs to be focused on. If you want to make a hit with warm underwear, it's not just a dark side effect. It's a trend to wear high-quality outerwear items that can meet the needs of multiple scenarios.

The design of semi open zippers, knitted seamless or boneless stretch seams and other details is based on ergonomic functional design, which not only provides more convenient warmth and temperature regulation in autumn and winter, but also increases the flexibility of human activities and improves wearing comfort.

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