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Weft knitting factory

Weft knitting technology refers to the formation of the loops arranged along the horizontal or in weft direction.

We have 4 main categories of fabrics: High Gauge Interlock, Jersey, Rib and Jacquard fabrics.

Functional and other special features include: moisture management, thermo insulation, deodorization, cooling and powdery hand-feel etc..

Raw materials include: Nylon, Polyester, Modal, Dope-Dyed Nylon, Dope-Dyed Polyester...etc...

Weft knitting products are widely used in Lingerie, Sportswear and Swimwear etc.

We have 10 different types of knitting machines, 391 weft knitting machines ( Mainly Mayer & Cie, from Germany ), more than 5,000 different articles and our productivity has exceeded 50 million yards per year.


As the market-leader in blended fabrics, we have been manufacturing fine knitted fabrics such as Tactel, Meryl, Micro Modal, Pima and Lycra, which are well-known for their extra elasticity and softness.

We also use high tech, multi-functional yarn such as Coolmax, Supplex and Thermolite in our knitted fabrics, which make them ideal for underwear, leisure wear, sleepwear and sportswear.


Warp knitting factory

Warp knitted fabric is produced by machine with the yarns running in a lengthwise or in warp direction. The fabric has a flatter, closer, less elastic structure than most weft knits and is run-resistant.

All of our warp knitting machines are manufactured by Karl Mayer from Germany.

We have a total of 64 warp knitting machines of 7 distinctive categories, producing range of nearly 600 different kinds of products. Annual production capacity exceeded 25 million yards.

Most suitable for Lingerie, Sportswear and Swimwear products.

Products are classified into: Sport Mesh, Power Net, Elastic Tricot Fabric, Satinette, Simplex, Sleeknit, Mirror Satin, Triskin etc….


Lace factory

All of our lace knitting machines were manufactured by Karl Mayer, Germany

We have 43 sets of lace knitting machines, including Raschel, Jacquardtronic and Textronic, annual capacity exceeds 15 million yards, more than 1,000 different patterns.

4 sets of 85 bar high speed Jacquardtronic machines have been in production since July 2018.

Most suitable for Lingerie, Lounge wear, Long Underwear and swimwear products.


Shun Yan Embroidery Limited

We have 134 embroidery machines, they were manufactured by Japan Tajima, Japan Barudan and Switzerland Saurer company.

We offer bead-embroidered fabric, sequins, multicolored thread embroidered fabric, embroidered lace fabric, cut out badge, pearl, copper, silver, gold surfaces by fancy yarns for different patterns including water dissolvable techniques etc.

Most suitable for lingerie, sportswear, swimwear and footwear products.


Xinmingxing Textile Co., Ltd

Yarn covering is an adhesive process in which the chemical fibre yarn is combined with the polyurethane core.

We have 55 yarn covering machines from France, Italy and Japan, producing more than 50 different types of elastic covered yarn, with an annual production capacity exceeded one million pounds.

Elastic covered yarns are commonly used for sweaters, to increase stretchability.


SunPo Molding (International) Limited

 ”Molded cup” technique creates a seamless style defined by the way the cups of the bra are made, is one of the most important elements in a bra.

A flat piece of fabric is heat-molded over mold of breast to form the shape of the cup, and no seams are ever created in the bra. This makes these bras virtually invisible under even the tightest fitting clothing. Molded cup bras also contour your breasts, which creates a great shape.

All of our 800 computerized machines are made with state-of-the art technologies with precision developed and manufactured by our own R&D experts.

We have fabric molding machines and cup molding machines, more than 4000 different combination of materials and shapes; annual capacity has exceeded 30 million pairs.

Our products are best fit for swimwear, sportswear and intimate apparel, and our bonding fabrics are great for 3D bra pattern. In recent years, we have devoted ourselves to experiment with advanced seamless bonding technologies and diverse material research, so as to push and upgrade our products into the premium market, being more creative and versatile.


Textile printing factory

We have 13 workstations in our textile printing division for printing design and preparation.

Colour chart (maximum A3 size) and strike-off are provided to our clients within 7 days.

We have 3 sets of flat screen printing machines and 3 sets of digital textile printing machines for acid and heat transfer prints, from Japan, Italy & Switzerland. Annual production capacity has exceeded 4 million yards.

We can print all kinds of ready-to-wear, intimate, swimwear and sportswear.


Chemical fibre Department

Our chemical fibre business is related to converting POY into DTY yarn.

Polyester POY is the primary form of polyester yarn. It is also known as polyester Pre-Oriented Yarn. It is the first form of yarn made directly from PTA & MEG or by spinning Polyester PET Chips. POY is mainly used in texturizing to produce textured yarn, it is also known as polyester Drawn Textured Yarn (DTY).

We have 150 texturizing machines coming from Japan, Germany & Taiwan, mainly handling nylon and polyester yarns, incorporating up to ten specific procedures. Annual production capacity exceeds 50 million pounds.


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